About Us

It is said that half of the job is done when you actually start and rest is all hard work and sheer will power that keep you driven towards your goals. But what if there is a hand to pull you up and show you the ahead? The same is true for any business, there is always a point in the life of an entrepreneur where they find themselves struggling hard to expand their existing business or get new innovative ideas or even face a creative blackout. There could be n number of reasons for stagnation. ‘The Profiling’, is the business consultancy wing of the BNP here we make sure you reach towards the goals you set for yourselves or sometimes even better. A young and energetic team of experts from diverse fields whose job is to energize the individuals and businesses alike to foster innovation and unique workable business ideas. The team is young but our combined experiences spans over decades. As the same suggests we create profiles, not any profile the distinct ones.

We are able to do this only because of the sheer variety of the experiences and skills which different members of our team bring on to the table. We have the industry experts from the fields of Marketing, Finance, Corporate Communications, PR and Technology.


Business Consultancy

This is our most important aspect of our business. We offer various types of business consultancy services which are flexible to suit the various types of businesses depending on their needs and scale of their business.

Product-based Solutions

This service is a project based service. This is a very strategic and targeted service which will be centred on a single product or service. This service aims at helping the businesses to make an upcoming product or service successful in the market. We also help to develop a solution of service if it is lacking or missing from the product portfolio of the businesses. We do a complete analysis of the businesses and their product portfolio before providing further consultation. This can turn out to be a short-term or a long-term engagement depending on the needs of the client. In order to make the product successful we help the client on every end whether it be marketing, PR or tech.

Short Term Consultancy

Our short-term consultancy service is aimed at businesses which are expanding into new sectors and have already identified the sectors in which they’ll expand or are already deep into the expansion process. We aim to provide market insights and data to these business in order to make more targeted strategy and decisions. This includes short-term goals like growth of a business wing, brand awareness, product success or grabbing market in a sector which was otherwise unexplored.

Long Term Consultancy

This is our most comprehensive business consultancy service. This service aims at restricting the business from the scratch. This service is aimed at the businesses which had done well in the initial stages since their inception but after a great growth story now have reached a point of stagnation. We help such business reform and renew themselves and bounce out of the stagnation phase. We do this with a 360 degree plan to rework the organization structure, C-suite communication plans, HR reforms in hiring department structuring etc., tech based solution and a complete corporate communications plan.

Individual Consultancy/Mentorship

This is our most intensive service. This involves our full engagement and involvement with the client. We analyse the client’s behaviour, daily routines and social media usage patterns. After the detailed analysis we make a plan in coordination with the client to bolster their personal brand. This service is particularly suitable for those individuals who has succeed in personal, public and business domains and are now seeking use their success to build upon a personal brand and to influence the desired publics. We make curated plans to satisfy exactly this need.

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